S0192 * My Atlas with Stickers (Animals & Wonders)

  1. My Animals Atlas
  2. Wonders of the World Atlas

Another 2 original titles in our famous Atlas collection! One is based on the most recognizable animals around the planet while the other highlights the most famous wonders of the world. Both with our bestselling concept: illustrated maps and plenty of stickers (more than 100 per title) to be positioned in the books and on the posters. Factual but not too serious, they will help children pinpoint and match continents with the corresponding animals or to place wonders of the world at the correct location around the planet. The large poster map, coming along with each title, can be detached and hung on the bedroom walls of our budding globe trotters!

  • Bestselling Atlas format & concept
  • Interactive reusable stickers
  • “MEGA” poster 


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PODCAST:    “Animals”             “Wonders”

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