S0198 * My Atlas with Stickers (Sea & Dinosaur)

  1. My Atlas of the Sea
  2. My Dinosaur Atlas

Two beautifully illustrated atlases that take our young readers on a magical journey through the captivating world of the sea and the savage world of dinosaurs. Dive into the depths of the sea and meet extraordinary new friendly animals or feel new thrills by discovering huge and unknown creatures! Each book is crammed with colorful images including fascinating details and as a bonus, a MEGA poster! After the tremendous success of our previous atlases in this series, these new titles will help children to easily learn about the seas and dinosaurs while having a lot of fun. Plenty of reusable stickers and large poster maps to enhance and complete the discovery process.

  • Bestselling Atlas format & concept
  • Interactive reusable stickers
  • “MEGA” poster (folded)


SEA:     VIDEO-YouTube            VIDEO-Bilibili         PODCAST 

DINO:  VIDEO-YouTube            VIDEO-Bilibili         PODCAST

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