K0148 * My Friends the Animals


  1. Flip the Dolphin
  2. Spike the Hedgehog
  3. Hannah the Hen
  4. Noel the Owl
  5. Bozo the Parrot
  6. Crunch the Squirrel 
  7. Zouk the Monkey
  8. Molly the Mouse
  9. Misti the Cat
  10. Laksmo the Rabbit
  11. Hector the Dog
  12. Garbo the Frog
  13. Otto the Bear
  14. Leo the Lion
  15. Polo the Pony
  16. Pimpon the Duck
  17. Tembo the Elephant
  18. Bert the Butterfly        
  19. Tim the Tiger               
  20. Norbert the Camel     
  21. Leon the Sheep 

Wonderfully illustrated, this series of 21 little shaped board books will captivate the little ones.  Short and cute stories to plunge them into funny and wonderful animal stories.

  • Bestselling format
  • Handy size for small hands
  • Million copies sold


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