P0152 * Discover Animals with “Sounds”

  1. The Savannah
  2. The Forest
  3. The Farm 
  4. The Polar Regions
  5. The Rainforest
  6. The Oceans

This series offers 6 books about popular animals! Each book contains realistic illustrations and pictures, but also a quiz so that children learn fun facts about their favourite animals. Through observation games and QR codes, readers can listen to the sounds of all of the animals!

Scan the QR code and listen closely! Discover all the noises of the animals!

 Some animal’s sounds that can be found in these amazing books:


  • Interactive
  • Animal sounds easily accessible via QR codes (no apps required)
  • Quizzes and observation games
  • A great tool for learning all about the most popular animals

 CATALOG – P0152

VIDEO – P0152 


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