P0091 * Hide & Seek

  1. Title “1” – Blue cover (“Western” scene)
  2. Title “2” – Red cover (“Sphinx & Pyramids” scene)
  3. Title “3” – Purple cover (“Zorro” scene)

The concept of combining precise and meticulous illustrations with odd and hilarious details has proven to be a hit with our young readers. A great series for children eager to develop their sense of observation and concentration skills while having fun.

A merchant selling hot-dogs during Robin Hood’s tournament, Zorro trying to escape with a slice of pizza, penguins jumping on a trampoline, a pharaoh playing golf on the top of a pyramid… these are only a few funny details amongst hundreds of hilarious surprises scattered through the 14 scenes of each title. The simple observation exercises proposed will lead your child to discover many many more funny situations… A great way to develop their curiosity! Guaranteed bursts of laughter!

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@ Also available with hard-back covers 

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