K0161 * Growing Up with Bunny

  1. I am not scared of the dark
  2. I tidy my bedroom
  3. Going to the Doctor
  4. A New Baby in the House
  5. I Can Dress Myself
  6. Going to the Potty
  7. My First day at School
  8. Sleepover at Granny and Grandad’s

This series of 8 titles describes Bunny’s first experiences in life. Bunny is an adorable little rabbit, that young children will identify themselves with and plunge into first time life experience stories.  This series will help the little ones and their parents to overcome their fears going through these first big steps in life: going to the doctor, trying to dress without help, going to the potty, overcoming the fear of being in the dark, the first sleepover, going to school and even having the joy of becoming a big brother or sister! A delightful series, full of warmth and humor, which will accompany the little ones as they take their first steps in life.

  • Artistic and warm illustrations
  • Enlightening and educational
  • Touching stories

CATALOG [I]          

CATALOG [II]- “Not Scared of the Dark” & “Bedroom”

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