S0216 * 50 Questions about… [I]

  1. Human Body
  2. Saving my Planet

Finally, answers to children’s most asked questions! Children being full of wonder will ask a million questions and parents don’t always know the answer. This series aims to give curious children answers and hopefully stimulate even more interest about their body and the world around them!

This book brings with it a small “App” that allows children to play the game “memory”. As the name indicates, this game improves memory and concentration in children.

  • Questions with clear answers
  • Additional poster with board game
  • Interactive Stickers
  • “Digital” memory game on phone
  • Inspires curiosity in children


VIDEO “HUMAN BODY”:         YouTube            Bilibili

VIDEO “PLANET”:                      YouTube            Bilibili

Memory Game “I”  (Click & Play)

Memory Game “II”  (Click & Play)

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